I’m Victoria Klotz, an American artist based in the Sonoran desert of Phoenix, Arizona.

I specialize in painting nature.

24″ x 18″, oil on canvas, 2022, Victoria Klotz

There are many reasons why people buy a piece of art—To feel welcome in their home, to design a space, to aid with mental health, to feel closer to a memory, to gift to a friend or family member, or simply like it for their own reasons.

I have collectible and original art available for purchase and delivery.

About Victoria Klotz

© Victoria Klotz 2023

Victoria Klotz was raised in Louisville, Kentucky. A place of characteristic rolling hills which captivated Victoria’s heart and ignited a love for nature early in her childhood. In 2019 she received her BFA at Indiana University and relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. She is captivated by the process of painting and is driven to be a master colorist by creating challenging works of Plein Air and still life on a regular basis. She is convinced that painting studies from life can accurately accomplish thoughtful color matching in her works. Her paintings are therapeutic and intended to reach the community through familiar Arizona destinations. Klotz states, “ In my desert landscapes, I hope to give a bright light from the day to day and remind one to explore.” It is important for Klotz to expose the beauty of the desert colors and how it affects the quality of life for Arizona residents and visitors.

Art Victoria Offers

Victoria creates oil paintings that depict a variety of different subject matter of portraits, animals, landscapes, flora, yoga, and pregnancy. She is also diverse in regard to the style of her work which depends on the subject matter. It ranges from realism to impressionism or surrealism. Her artwork range in size from small 5”x7” to large 5’x6’ pieces. Victoria offers collectors to purchase artwork online on her Fine Art Shop without setting up an appointment. If you are ready to purchase artwork but have questions about specific works, newer works, or processes simply email Victoria to set up an appointment. She is happy to provide more photographs or video footage of the artwork you’re interested in. 

Artist Statement

I have found the more I create, the more I discover. This exploration inspires me to expand on the unknown in the world of creativity.

Victoria Klotz