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Newest works in January 2018

Self portrait
8″X8″ on wood panel

Newest Paintings created on December 2017

“Taking advantage of every new opportunity will help you grow as an artist. I grew even more when I experienced difficult situations because that has given me new perspectives. Experiencing new places or learning new facts have ignited passions that are highlighted in my artwork. I feel so inspired from each moment in my life that is powerful, different and beautiful. This impacts my imagination and draws to me create original artworks. Like a path of petals leading to a bed, painting is romantic. When I paint, it is just as emotional as a relationship. You work just as hard to love the outcome and enjoy the journey a head.”










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  1. I looked at some of your work…impressive!
    I’m the lady that stopped by this afternoon. Keep up the good work. I’ll stop again. And thank you for the coffee and donut.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Keep up the great work Victoria!!!
    Came across your work on insta & just wanted to say I’m super proud of how far you have came. I would love to collaborate on a project in the future at some point! Maybe a Klondike mural lol


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