It is Easy to Commission a Painting

Victoria holding an 8″ x 10″ painting created in 2022

1. Fill out your contact info and special requests

In the form below

2. Choose your canvas size in your $budget

Checking the box

3. Choose your desired consultation date and delivery date

Click SEND

4. Receive an email from Victoria about consultation confirmation

Request for Images of the subject(s) you want to be painted

What To Expect When Commissioning a Painting

  • Receive a hand-painted, one-of-a-kind, original oil painting created by Victoria Klotz.
  • Personally connect with Victoria about the artwork you are wanting to commission.
  • Correspond through E-mail providing specifications and photos for reference.
  • Provide 50% of the cost of the commission prior to the start of creation.
  • The client pays for shipping the painting, which is an estimate depending on the size of the artwork.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Victoria is not interested in painting artwork other artists have created OR in a style that is not her own.

Example of Commission Artwork

Order From Website: Let’s Get Started on Your Commission

Once you fill out the information below, you will get an email within 48 hours regarding our consultation date and time

Please select the size of the commissioned artwork you are interested in. Sizes are listed in Inches. USA shipping cost can range from $20-$60 and is not included in the listed price below.