pastel hoop

I live in the city of Louisville, Kentucky, and I started creating art at the age of 5 years. I was encouraged from that time on by my teachers at school and by my family. For this reason, my path as an artist and teacher has always been supported. Currently, my work involves the medium of acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Lately, I’ve been inspired to create a personal series for my own private collection of art, as well as commissioned artworks for customers. My artwork expresses my own perspective as to what I feel is important and beautiful in life. Imagination can be just as important as reality if they share the same value to you. Nature has always inspired me and I am now focused on capturing it as much as possible in my current works. Each work I create is thoroughly thought out to evoke feeling and trigger the imagination using realism and non-representational art forms. My goal is to reflect my positive outlook on canvas to give viewers something deeper to walk away with.

I believe that one learns the most from experiencing uncomfortable situations because the unknown is a place that can be understood only with a willing mind. Once this is grasped, one has the potential to grow and gain knowledge. My first experience of this in the realm of creating art was to discover happy accidents and then repeating them as new techniques. Most of my successful artwork was created by conquering the fear of the unknown and growing from that. An artist does not mature if they do not continue learning, listening, and producing. A developing artist continues to create and grow through each project or experience. My vision as an artist is to inspire people to remember, reminisce, relate, imagine, and motivate… to feel while experiencing my work. If my artwork helps people appreciate the world around us or get them through a tough time in their lives, then I have done my job.

-Victoria Anna Margarete Klotz